Bridge the Gap

Help Us Raise the Dollars to Bridge the Gap and Support Our Schools!


Santa Rosa schools are challenged to get students to a variety of events, from athletic competition to arts programs and field trips.

Without you support many will miss the opportunities you enjoyed when you went to school.


Every athletic game needs to be officiated, and that costs schools money to pay officials.

Keep our children engaged with school sports programs and help keep officials, umpires, linesman, and referees in the game.

Choral Risers:

We want our students to stand up and sing, but we also want them to be seen. Many Santa Rosa schools lack choral risers, and that takes away from the choir experience.

Our talented students will do more than stand out with the addition of choral risers. The choral experience will be greater for students and parents who come to these performances.

Here's what you can do:

To help bridge the "gaps" that adversely affect our athletic, music and art programs, please consider donating at the grand prize, gold, silver and bronze levels to automatically qualify you for a specific raffles prize.*

Grand Prize ($2,000) donors will have an opportunity to win a week in a beautiful Lake Tahoe home.

Gold Donors ($1,500) can win an opportunity for an amazing dinner for two along with an overnight stay at the historic Swiss Hotel in downtown Sonoma.

Silver Donors ($1,000) can compete for a $200 gift certificate from the extremely popular Walter Hansel Wine & Bistro restaurant for garden-to-table French cuisine and an excellent selection of Sonoma County wines.

Bronze Donors ($500) can have an opportunity to win a $200 gift certificate courtesy of E.R. Sawyer Jewelers.

Enter to win today! The drawing will be held on Sunday, November 6. Prize updates and winners will be notified and listed on our Facebook page - Schools Plus of Santa Rosa.

Please make sure to "like" us!

For 26 years, Schools Plus has been assuring Santa Rosa's students that they will have all of the opportunities that make up a complete school experience - just as in past generations. Vital co-curricular programs in our secondary schools are burdened with costs most people don't think about: transportation, officiating, and choral risers. These costs subtract thousands of dollars that could otherwise be used to better impact our students directly.

Please make a $2000/$1500/$1000/$500 donation today by clicking here

Thank you once again for your commitment to keep our community a great place to raise kids.

- Schools Plus

*Prizes are specific to the donation amount, i.e. the Grand Prize $2,000.00 donation is only entered for the one week in Tahoe prize.

Upcoming Events

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"Dear Schools Plus,

Thank you so much for the check of $12,000.00 dollars. We really appreciate it. We could not function as well without your support. My Leadership teacher says her budget for 3 art classes was only $50.00 dollars per class. That's 1 pencil each student.

Your support enables her to actually buy tempera, acrylic paint, brushes, palettes, markers, scratchboard, watercolors, and all types of different papers. Also, to give the students an exciting curriculum.

We could not survive without you!"

- Julie Turpin, Lawrence Cook Middle School

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